08 May 2014

Leyton Orient moments of the season 2013/14

Whatever happens in the play-offs, this has been a season to remember for Orient fans. Here some of them pick out their highlights so far...

When David Mooney felt "Glad All Over"
"I have to say my highlight of the season was away at Swindon. With the PA still waiting for the final bars of 'Glad All Over' to finish while announcing Swindon’s goalscorer, Mooney was busy applying the finish to make it 1-1. I don't think they were feeling 'Glad All Over' after that - particularly when one of their fans swung a punch at Jonesy."
Laurie Hann. Read Laurie’s Orient blog Hannover And Out 

Jump around!
"My favourite moment so far this season is without doubt Peterborough away. I got goosebumps watching 60- and 70-year old men getting up and singing with us."

Romain the Lionheart
"Not often are the Orient crowd treated to a display of passion and true grit as they were when Romain Vincelot, bursting with Gallic flair and an impressive beard, did his best lion impression against Hull City in the second round of the Capital One Cup. Beating his chest and roaring at the West Stand crowd, Vincelot showed how passionate he was, not only about winning the game but also preserving the boys 100 per cent record from the start of the season.

"Romain has proved to be a big hit amongst the fans throughout the season and this was easily my favourite moment from him. I’ve seen many gestures from the Orient players since but this had to be the best."

Batt batters big club
"It has to be when Shaun Batt came on away at Brentford and put those smug mugs in their place!"

When we all became Lisbians...
"Kevin Lisbie’s winning goal against Port Vale in September. Orient’s perfect record was under threat as the Valiants had made it 2-2 early in the second half, but just when it looked like the Os would drop points for the first time, Lisbie grabbed the winner in the 88th minute. Not only did the goal keep Orient’s unprecedented start intact, it was also Lisbie’s 100th career goal.

"However, the goal is of even greater significance to me because it encapsulates the spirit around the club this season. The players celebrated the goal in among the Orient fans, showing the strong connection between the team and the supporters. Furthermore, the Os had to come from behind after initially going a goal down and they fought until the end to claim the victory, epitomising this season’s mantra: ‘This group never gives up’."
James Mealing. Read James’s blog Total Orient

Running with the Wolves
“I’d go with the consensus and say Peterborough away - perhaps the most accomplished away performance I’ve ever seen Orient turn in - but my girlfriend is a Posh fan and said game was thus capped by the most miserable Nandos visit ever. Instead I’ll go with Wolves away. Sure, it was a bit like The Alamo, and debutant goalie Jake Larkins most likely still wakes up screaming in the night about men in gold shirts running at him. But somehow we got away with it and it was delicious. Honorable mention: Mathieu Baudry wearing his head bandage all winter despite nothing really being wrong with him, he just thought it looked cool. And it did.”

Bosnia's number one
"I think it has to be Eldin. Never has a man been so passionate about doing his job. The way he would make a save and then roar at the South Stand was just amazing. I also loved it when we were winning against Colchester and a steward was about to throw the ball back to him and he screamed at him to drop it and leave it where it was. Essentially he was a bit mental but he was fucking brilliant. So his brief but brilliant stay has been my highlight. I actually enjoyed teams having shots at our goal!"
Adam Meagher

James on target
"The penalty brace from Lloyd James against Swindon in February is what stands out from the 2013/14 season. It fills me with dread. Since then Orient haven’t been awarded a single penalty. Not from lack of trying though (I’m looking at you David Mooney).

"Play-offs are sometimes decided by penalty shoot-outs. I can’t name an Orient fan who could name the team’s current penalty taker, let alone five of them. Matty Lockwood, he will always be first choice. Any player in a Lockwood mask would be an acceptable compromise for me.

"Ask again in the beginning of June for my season stand outs and I’ll deliver. Tales of Moses and Cox. Being a practising Lisbian. For now, I’m having nightmares imagining the referee pointing to the penalty spot at Wembley. Five minutes to go. The game is tied. Robbie Simpson picks up the ball and I wake up screaming!"
Robert de Mander. Read Robert’s blog View From Downstream

Heads up, Kev!
"The standout football moment for me was Super Kev's flying header against Gillingham. It confirmed that he was back on top form and to me it summed up all the hopes and dreams of the club in one moment."
Lin Wells

The return of Bosnia’s number one
"It has to be the first game back in Eldin's second era, against Preston. A very defining moment of our season having him back - he only let in a handful of goals (most of which he had a hand to anyway) in his time. After the Jalal hiccup against Bristol City, felt great to have him back. Loved by all and gutted for him not to be in the Bosnia World Cup squad."

Away day magic
"My favourite two games of the season have got to have been Brentford and Peterborough away. Brentford was a really good atmosphere on the terrace and we maintained our 100 per cent start. Didn't expect to beat Brentford especially being on Sky and previous times we have been there and been disappointed! Peterborough away for me was definitely the away performance of the season - hope we can repeat it Saturday. Mooney was excellent, but I think as a team at Peterborough we showed why we were up there. We looked solid and so good going forward!"
Hannah Smeeton

Nathan's tackle 
"In a season like no other in terms of quality and quantity of goals, I'm going to be contrary and pick a non-goal, in fact one of the most memorable preventions of a goal I can recall - Nathan Clarke's tackle on Clayton Donaldson just before half-time against Brentford. Our first seven straight wins of the season were mostly pretty emphatic - the thumping statement our win at Carlisle sent out, or the elegant slicing apart of Notts County

"But Brentford away, game number eight, was the toughest on the lot, and boy did it feel like it in that first half when the Bees really came at us. It looked like our resistance was going to break in the 43rd minute when the ever-tricky Clayton Donaldson barged his way through our defence and deep into the penalty area with only the keeper to beat. From nowhere Clarke zoomed across and whipped the ball from the striker's feet without coming close to fouling - from a player not always known as the most graceful, the timing and guts was astonishing. The game turned our way after that."

And finally...
"My favourite moment of the season is yet to come I believe..."
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