16 January 2011

A mystery: Who is hacking the Leyton Orient wikipedia page?

I love Wikipedia. I wish it was around when I was at school, it would have saved me the trouble of going to classes or reading books and stuff.

The Leyton Orient page seems to me to be pretty comprehensive and accurate, although I'm mystified and somewhat amused by a couple of changes of late. Now, glance to the right of this page and you'll see the shamelessly rampant self-promotion of my book, Leyton Orient Greats. (There, see, I did it again.)

Since it's only sold about six copies (thanks mum and dad!), I figured I'd add it to bibliography section of the Orient wikipedia page. And yet, inexplicably, on 8 July 2010, someone removed it. Wikipedia keeps a searchable record of every change to every page, so you can see the change here.

Notice what else was changed at the same time? Yes, the details of 'club historian' Neil Kaufman were substantially expanded and updated.

Obviously I added the book back again, but this evening, to my surprise, I found that the reference had been deleted again. I tracked the change to 1 December - you can view it here.

Bizarrely, the same person that deleted my book from the bibliography also, once again, updated and expanded the section on 'club historian' Neil Kaufman.

What a mystery, eh? Anyone any ideas?


  1. so you're suggesting the club historian did it?

  2. It's not for me to say. I'm merely relating the facts!

  3. From the Orient message board:

    "As the *cough* arbiter of all things Wikipedia, nothing happens on the Orient page without my knowledge, only this happened because I wasn't taking any notice. Mr Kaufman is always doing stuff like that. I didn't notice him taking your book off though, and I'll viciously and swiftly revert him next time he does it. If he keeps doing it, I can ask someone to block him If he can blatantly self-advertise, then so can you. I took off the contact details bit that he had there because that's not allowed, and the "what Mr Kaufman is doing next" bit isn't really allowed either, but I'll let it go since I added a direct link to the page on the website that details your book. Let's see if he takes it off."

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