20 November 2010

Leyton Orient 2 Bournemouth 2, 20/11/10

A game in which... Orient were committed, strong, pressurising, hard-working and vibrant. Unfortunately, however, this was only for the final 10 minutes of the game. The rest of the match painted a pretty accurate picture of Orient's standing in League One, as Bournemouth showed better passing, better movement, better pressing, better creativity, better ball retention, better shooting, better haircuts... You get the idea. Still, it was a rousing finish and a great point gained against a classy Bournemouth side.

Moment to savour... Jonathan Tehoue's second goal in added time, of course, in which he showed great strength and then composure to allow Orient to grasp a draw from the jaws of defeat.

Head in hands moment... Quite a few actually, mostly around loanee Premier League goalkeeper Jason Brown's repeated decisions to roll the ball out to defenders with opposition players in close proximity rather than lump it up the middle and hope for the best like you're supposed to in League One.

King for a day... Only one candidate here: Jonathan Tehoue. Some idiot who shall remain nameless complained after Tuesday's FA Cup replay that of late the Frenchman's cameos had been - like Tom Cruise in Tropic Thunder - pretty unimpressive. Not so today - he stormed onto the pitch with a 'Get out of jail free' card in his pocket and was determined to use it. If Tehoue could play like that for 90 minutes in a row, Orient would probably win the league. Or at least not get relegated.

Boo boy... No one had a stinker, but there was a bit of a bad smell around pocket-sized antagonist Dean Cox who, by his own high standards, had a pretty ineffective game. Matthew Spring, however, showed that he could pass with 100 per cent accuracy - as long as it was backwards.

In the dug out... Big Russ seemed pretty upset with the South Stand after Orient equalised, probably due to the vocal griping about the 4-5-1 system the manager began the game with, which saw a striker who'd scored seven in the last six games playing right midfield. Still, Russ knows what he's doing and switched to 4-4-2 just in time for Bournemouth to go two up.

What would Martin Ling have done? Played 4-4-2, as he has done in every single game of entire management career. "People say I'm tactically inflexible," he'd say defiantly, "but I've used many different systems and formations. It's just that all of them involve four defenders, four midfielders and two strikers."

Going down? The spirit Orient showed in salvaging a point shows that there'll be grit in the team when they're in the midst of the late-season relegation battle. The way the Os were outclassed by Bournemouth, however, suggests they'll probably go down anyway.


  1. You really are such a miserable, sarcastic b*stard are nt you!! Something downbeat to say win, lose or draw. We came back from being dead and buried, that hardly ever happens. Enjoy it like a proper supporter rather than rushing home to your computer to have unfunny digs at the the team. Looking foward to Posh, Up the Os.

  2. Actually few things make me happier than when Orient win / play well / salvage a draw etc... But 'proper supporters' also spend a lot of time questioning tactics, selections, transfers, performances etc... Part of the fun of football, right? It's a blog, not a match report. No one's forcing you to read it. Peace.

  3. Biggest problem for the O's at the moment is simply that both Chambers and Dawson are out injured. The centre of midfield isn't competitive enough without one of them in there. Spring needs someone alongside him that will break up opposition play and that isn't Jimmy Smith. Apart from that I still think we're moving in the right direction. We have more strikers in decent form than we have for years.

    Slade is battling with a very very thin squad and by and large he's getting the best out of them at the moment. I thought the stick he got for the formation was a little unfair - Cox has proved he can be a real handful in that role just off the main striker as he proved in the second half v Rochdale. Overall, a good point salvaged against a very decent team.

  4. Personally I love this blog. People take football all too seriously. If having a laugh wasn't possible why would we support the O's? Winning isn't everything, enjoyment is!

  5. This blog is mildly humorous and well written. Keep it up Matt. If we need to be rid of anything, it's the fans that shout abuse from the stands that do absolutely nothing for the confidence of players and manager alike. Nobody could take this blog in any way, other than 'tongue in cheek'.
    Particularly like the 'Lingy' bit too.


  6. I like crisps and reading this blog

  7. This blog is brilliant, a must read as far as I am concerned!
    Well done Matt

  8. You really are such a miserable, sarcastic b*stard are'nt you!! Please don't change your blogging style. They're great and reflect what I and many O's supporters feel and would write if they were as eloquent and humorous as yourself.

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